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5 Tips to Grow your Business Email List

5 Tips to Grow your Business Email List

Why is it important to grow your business email list when you can just survive by what you already have? Well, the challenge is not to just survive but to join the race, fight the battles, and live to see yourself succeed. So, you’re either alive or dead in this “Fish eats the smaller fish” trends of the business world. Without a growing business email list, you can be sure to be in a condition as the later, gasping for air and space, which should have been your first step all along.

Building and growing an email list should be the first and topmost priority of any business. How else do you expect to communicate with your customers? Of course, you have weekly newsletters and you have someone getting in touch with potential clients via emails. But, the real process by which you can actually get new customers, retain old ones, and keep them loyal is easier said than done because emails, like phone numbers, change and vanish with the passage of time. Why this happens is because –

  • Your customer might have changed his/her place of work, thus also getting a new work email
  • Your customer might have changed his/her email provider services for a better experience; or
  • They might have just opted out of your email list because they do not find you interesting enough.

Getting across to your customers and asking them for their email can be just as it’s hard as it is to ask someone you don’t know to share their phone number with you.

Hence to help you get across to your customers and to successfully build your email list as well as keep it stable, here are 5 tips that you can follow.

Tips to Build, Retain, and Grow your Email List

#1 Upgrade your Content

People often abstain from sharing their emails with businesses because of the fear of a cluttered inbox and spam. Nobody wants their mailbox to be full with irrelevant emails, with content that is of no use to them. People are only going to get close to you and share their email with you if you can give them a promise of “adding value” to their lives.

So, if you have been thinking about pitching in the age-old ideas that have been used time and over again, you should STOP!!! Your audience has read already read them, tried them, gained or lost value from the ideas and they want something fresh coming from you.

As a business, what is the unique benefit that you are offering your customers? Who is your target audience? What is the market scenario for the service or product that you are selling them? If your UPS is going to work, show your audience how. If you feel that your idea is going to take a backseat, find out how you are going to make it work. Showcase it in your email content and make it a medium to tell your audience how you are different.

People are smarter today and they need to see and hear real experiences to believe something. So, do not be scared to bring out the trueness of your brand. Just make sure it adds value to your audience.

#2 Build Customer Loyalty Programs

As a business, you must realize that loyal and existing customers are much more valuable than new ones. The reason for is that if you have an existing customer, it becomes much easier to sell them your services or products based on their past experiences. However, it can cost you three times more just to acquire new customers, let alone selling them what you have to offer.

Hence, in such cases, offering loyalty programs to your existing customers can be a great technique to increase the sales of your business, up to four or 10 times more than what it is. Not only that, but these programs can also help you as a business to retain your existing customers. In the process, it can save you your expenses of gaining new customers, who will sooner or later join in seeing the incentive you have in store for them.

Loyalty programs are email building techniques that serve you for the long-haul. Take for instance the “My Starbucks Rewards” app, which allowed customers to earn loyalty points by ordering and paying via their mobile devices. Not only did this give Starbucks data to help them understand their customers’ preferences and behaviour, but it also shot up sales to 14% in just the first quarter which was equivalent to an additional 16.3 million people in the U.S.

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful achievement for you as well? Even though not in millions, you could target a great number of people to you with a pinch of customer loyalty programs in your mails.

#3 Run a Contest

Who does not like a little competition every now and then? After all, if there’s going to be a contest, there will be a winner and incentives, which every other person loves. Online contests are the easiest and most straightforward ways of encouraging people to share their email addresses. People love to win particularly when all that is required for increasing the chances are a share, like, and their email address.

There are many ways you adopt to hold a contest for your customers. Some of these techniques are as follows.

  • You can set a theme for a photo contest, related to your product or service, where people can share their best pictures.
  • The contest can also be related to sharing short videos from your customers they can share their best moments, a song cover, or anything else.
  • The contest can be content-related, like a poem, a short story, or a funny anecdote.
  • One of the best contests that can get many people following you is a sweepstakes format where people just have to enter email addresses to participate.

The incentive can be anything from your products, a mention on your website, or even a reasonable cash prize.

#4 Provide Customers with Lead Magnets

If you are looking for more email subscribers, lead magnets are your go-to email marketing strategy. As the name suggests, lead magnets give potential customers incentives like a free PDF checklist, an eBook, a report, or a video in exchange for their personal information like email addresses. Lead magnets are value-added tools and content for your customers, helping in raising awareness and connecting with prospective customers who haven’t heard of your brand.

A few other examples of lead magnets are as follows:

  • Premium content like a digital marketing strategy that is different and unique, and informative from standard marketing content.
  • Checklists to plan your marketing strategies and campaigns easily. They are important because they can be customized as per a business’ need.
  • Ebooks with true value for your customer can be one of the best lead magnets you can offer for your customers.
  • Cheatsheets, also known as mind-map or blueprints, are generally shorter than a page and cut straight to an ultra-specific point to help customers.
  • Product samples are great lead magnets that allow customers to get the actual feel and experience of your product or service first-hand before making an actual purchase.
  • Discount coupons are other lead magnets to offer your customers since it gives your customers a feeling of being rewarded for being with you.

Some other Lead magnets that you can provide to your customers are as follows

  • Templates
  • Free trials
  • Case studies
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts

#5 Use Social Sharing Buttons in your Email

Did you know that you can enhance your click-through rates up to 158% for emails by using social sharing buttons in your emails to when they aren’t used? Some of the social sharing buttons that can help you obtain these click-throughs are attributed to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

To put this straight, you can never waste any space in your email template by adding social media buttons, which can inspire subscribers to share your message on social networks. Other than that, social sharing buttons in your emails can give you three more advantages:

  • These buttons can help you attract new potential customers, thus improving your reach beyond the current email list. If it so happens that people in your audience like your content, the social sharing buttons give them a chance to share it with their friends and co-workers. This, in turn, increases your base for your potential customers
  • By adding social sharing buttons to your emails improves your SEO ranking. How? well, that’s because the number of shares on social media will help to drive more traffic and links back to your website. The more your content is shared, the greater your chances to rank in search results.
  • Social media buttons on your email save your customers the hassle of having to copy/paste links that need to be shared. They can just click on the social media button and share it with their peers.


So, these are the five tips that can help you build your business email list, irrespective of the size of your company. Email lists are important in building the brand and image of your company. Hence, if you have not implemented any one of these tactics, it’s time to start now.