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6 Funny Marketing Campaigns Businesses can Incorporate to Keep Customers Happy This Friendship’s Day

6 Funny Marketing Campaigns Businesses can Incorporate to Keep Customers Happy This Friendship’s Day

It’s Friendship’s Day again; the time of the year when we commemorate our close friends and the times that we spent with them. On Friendships Day, everyone has a special way to remind their friends of the special bond that they share. Media channels to have stepped up a few notches and illustrated this bond in various ways.

Hence, to keep the spirit of friendship alive here are 6 funny and inspiring marketing campaigns that businesses can learn from to keep customers happy on this Friendship’s Day.

Heineken: Men vs. Women- If Fashion is For You, Beer is For Us  

Beer and friendship!! 

Well doesn’t it sound much  better  

Heineken never let its customer disappoint, it has always come up with amazing creativity and yet the funny idea that any business campaign can incorporate. Being the renowned beer company it has something special which holds its customer firmly and entertained.

One of the most entertaining marketing was when they plotted the concept of men and women walking in their fridge, where women were surprised to see that their wardrobe was full of new clothes, whereas men were shocked when they found out that fridge was filled with beer. Amazing isn’t it 

So what are you waiting for? 

It is a great business campaign that your company can incorporate and surprise your friends this friendship day with Heineken. 


Anger and loose of calmness is worst when they met together 

It is always important to keep your friends anger in control

Snickers always grabbed attention with its funniest way of commercial advertisement, this is one form of a marketing campaign which any business can incorporate and make their customers happy.

The funniest part of it which you can incorporate is the concept of giving your friend a snicker when they are angry, often people lose their calmness in anger so give them a bite of sneakers and make them happy.  

Anger always ruins any friendship, incorporate sneakers in your business campaign and see the change 

Old Spice danger zone deodorant

Friendship is stronger when it meets with a good deodorant

Everyone wishes to smell good, which makes fragrance something that everyone needs.

This commercial campaign is something which will make your friendship even stronger, as an old spice has its own unique way of attracting its customers. One such campaign is that where you plot the concept of the danger zone which intelligently enhances the creativity of a man who walks through all the dangers that he encounters in his path but his determination to deliver the best fragrance is even bigger than all the circumstances he faces on the way,

Just as the end result is successful even your business campaign will be a success.

Incorporate it in your business campaign and see the results 

Fevicol ka mazboot jod hai, tootega nahin

last year in 2018, Fevicol took its slogan up a notch by dedicating its slogan to friends all over. Their slogan “Fevicol ka mazboot jod, tootega nahin” was further aligned with the bike of Jai and Veeru from Sholay to commemorate friendships to die for. Hence, their friendships day slogan- “Yeh Dosti hum nahin todenga”

This is a savvy and sassy marketing campaign that will make a lasting impression on anyone’s mind, especially on friendships day.

Park Avenue: Beer shampoo 

Things can’t get better when you incorporate the funniest commercial campaign for your business.

Well isn’t it a great idea for your business to incorporate with something productive campaign. With Park Avenue beer shampoo it is seen in a bigger perspective, the concept is equally matched with friendship as it takes firm trust and with beer shampoo friendship will get even stronger. you can assure that this will be a proper business campaign with the introduction of Beer shampoo as

Incorporate this marketing business campaign  and make your friendship as beautiful as your hair