Software Development in Kolkata

When we talk about software development it encompasses many activities like design, testing, programming, bug fixing and other IT solutions which all make way for the development and support of any application or software. As tech-savvy as the world is growing to be, businesses and individuals alike are being helped by software development in reaching new heights of success.

In the present time, software products must be created to give users delight. But, most software development companies miss out on this point, thus leaving customers dismayed and discontent with the services that they receive. Speaking of which, software development is creating new opportunities in the City of Joy, Kolkata, also one of the major IT hubs of India. Hence, we at Marak Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are ready to mark our footprints in this city of technical innovation and in the process help create innovative and appealing products, which will be at par with the changing market trends.

Marak Technologies’ company for software development in Kolkata is set out to guarantee excellence and sophistication with the help of tested Agile practices. We ensure to always keep our clients and their requirement as the central focus of our projects, keeping them informed and involved throughout the entire lifecycle of the software development process.

As a company that provides services for software development in Kolkata, our mission is to serve our customers with affordable, technically reliable, and exceptional customer service. For us, customer satisfaction comes first, which we achieve by bringing out the best in our people, processes, and technology. All our clients are equally important to us, hence we work with the same amount of dedication and focus on any project bringing in any biases for size, profitability, or criticality.

Our Services

Product Development

The type and quality of software that we create define our interactions with our customers. We believe that in today’s time, most products receive value from software. That is why when we build such software-enabled products, our developers ensure to use technologies that possess cutting-edge capabilities. Marak Technologies’ product development services are founded on principles of design thinking and rapid work models so that the products are developed with discipline and a focus for the best results.

Mobile Development

At Marak technologies, company for software development in Kolkata, we create applications for iOS and Android mobile operating systems as well as Cloud-based application development by using creative designing, swift and efficient planning, effective mobile solutions, and our development team’s proficiency and expertise. Our skilled Android and iOS application developers work round the clock to deliver services for feature-rich custom hybrid as well as native iOS mobile and web apps development, iOS game development, iOS app porting and testing, and more services that can provide a better user experience.

Software Architecture

At Marak Technologies, we understand that the development of software requires a more mature and advanced use of architecture. This is why our developers utilize some of the technologies that possess sophisticated technical capabilities, required to develop some platforms, which will enable businesses to specifically use their product differently under different situations. Our developers at Marak Technologies help you take good technical decisions, on the basis of their long experience along with their utilized and proven processes and methodologies. Marak Technologies provides software architecture services for businesses ranging from analysis to design, evaluation, and evolution services.

Cloud Software Development

The use of cloud technologies can bring about a fundamental change to all-round business activities. Implementation of cloud software development to your business is a critical step owing to the fact that it delivers a simplified and centralized management system, which is a key aspect for software companies to reach a wider audience. Simultaneously, software companies also benefit emerge as organizations increasingly transition products to the cloud. Our services include enterprise cloud software development, cloud-based innovation, and product development in the cloud and SaaS space. Our services cover the Microsoft Windows Azure platform, Amazon, as well as custom cloud implementations.

Software Testing

Our software testing engineers operate with a diversity of tools and adapt to the needs and expectations of our clients. Automated and manual testing along with our experience in Agile development provides the basis to ensure your project succeeds. Software testing measures and improves the quality of software. It serves as a reference for stakeholders to make decisions. Software testing is one of the activities for Quality Assurance to improve software quality by monitoring and continually accommodating improving processes and projects. Our developers increase the quality of software using important metrics, assessing the scalability and performance of software, providing process assurance and documentation management, and analyzing security and architectural risks.