Business Process Management

Managing business processes is a huge challenge for most businesses today. Businesses often neglect to invest enough efforts towards streamlining their business processes and it is mainly due to the lack of awareness about its implications.

What is a Business Process?

A business process is any chain of events or functions that must be performed for a business to operate. An example of a business process might be that of a customer’s purchase, which results in delivery is a key business process that prevails in numerous organizations around the world. Business process management is neither task management, which focuses on individual tasks, nor is it project management, which handles one-time or uncertain flows. Business Process Management emphasises more on repetitive and ongoing processes that follow a certain structure, or process management.

What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

Business Process Management is a technology or a methodology through which a company creates, amends, and studies the foreseeable processes that make the core of its business. With Business Process Management, a company analyses the current state and identifies areas of improvement to create a more efficient and effective business.

In today’s ever-changing business environment, and the increasing complexity and augmentation of high-impact technologies such as cloud computing, analytics, and mobility, pose enormous challenges to organizations and their thinks tanks. To address these challenges, companies are increasingly focusing and divulging more attention and resources toward business process management.

Marak Technologies’ approach elucidates strategy into execution, using the process as the critical link to help businesses realize immediate and quantifiable results while establishing a sustainable Business Process Management capability.

We develop process-based management and assets, enabling you to focus on the right factors, which helps you decide which components of your business needs innovation and which part of your business is performing efficiently. Marak Technologies then thrust these learning into implementation — adapting technologies where needed, mobilizing people through change management, and making quick adjustments to both.

While many companies support with specific elements of Business Process Management, Marak Technologies’ unique blend of skills, approaches, assets and tools generates value quickly, delivers measurable results and creates lasting Business Process Management Solutions.

As experts of Business Process Management Solution in Shillong, we have the ability to analyse, design, develop and align business processes with your business goals and needs, significantly and safely growing the effectiveness of those processes.

In order to succeed in today’s economic climate, making the best possible business decisions is imperative. Marak Technologies’ business process management solutions in Shillong ensure that your business is as efficient and effective as possible, ensuring the technologies and practices employed create as streamlined an environment as possible. Whether its strategy and technology implementation or upgrade and optimization of, Marak Technologies has your enterprise covered when it comes to Business Process Management Solutions in Shillong.

Why Does Business Process Management Matter?

When left unsystematic and unmethodical, ill-managed business processes can lead to utter confusion and chaos. At the stand-alone basis, people only see one part of a process, and only a few can scrutinize and observe the full effects of a process – where it starts and ends, the important data needed, and where potential obstacles and inadequacies lie.

Business Process Management Life Cycle:

Here are the steps in that we incorporate in order to assist you with the best Business Process Management Solution in Shillong:

Step 1: Design

Most business processes include a form that is used to collect data and workflow to process that data. We help you build your form and identify the players who will own each task in the workflow.

Step 2: Model

We enable you to represent your business process in a visual layout. This helps in establishing details such as deadlines and conditions which will provide you with a clear impression of the sequence of events, and the flow of data through your business process.

Step 3: Execute

We help you execute your business process by testing it live with a sample size group first before releasing them to all users. We help you ensure that the access to sensitive information is restricted to the concerned players.

Step 4: Monitor

We assist you in monitoring the business process as it runs through the workflow. We aid you in utilizing the right metrics to identify progression, evaluate proficiency, and locate obstacles.

Step 5: Optimize

Once your business process is up and running, we help you analyse it. If during this stage, we notice any changes that need to be implemented to your form or workflow, we assist you in making the form or workflow to more efficient.

Types of Business Process Management

Business Process Management solutions can be grouped based on the purpose that they serve. Here are the three types of business process management that Marak Technologies offers:

Integration-Centric Business Process Management:

As the name suggests, Integration-Centric Business Process Management addresses processes that mainly jump between your existing systems, such as HRMS, ERP, CRM, etc., without much human involvement. Integration-centric business process management systems have comprehensive connectors and API access to be able to create processes that move fast.

Human-Centric Business Process Management:

Human-centric Business Process Management is for processes that are predominantly executed by humans. These often have a lot of approvals and tasks performed by people. Human-Centric Business Process Management exceed at a friendly user interface, easy notifications, and quick tracking.

Document-Centric Business Process Management:

Document-Centric Business Process Management solutions are required when a document, such as a contract or agreement, is at the core of the process. These processes permit routing, formatting, verifying, and getting the document signed as the tasks pass along the workflow. Most business process management solutions will be able to incorporate elements of each of the above mentions system; however, each one will usually have one speciality.

Benefits of Incorporating Business Process Management

Incorporating a Business Process Management has numerous benefits for your business operations; however, given below are some of the primary benefits your business can garner by implementing Business Process Management Solutions in Shillong:

  • Gain control of disorganized and unmanageable processes
  • Create, map, analyse, and improve business processes
  • Efficiently carry out your day to day operations
  • Realize bigger organizational goals
  • Move toward digitalisation
  • Improve and enhance complicated operations
  • Thoroughly track individual items as they move through a workflow

Applying Business Process Management (BPM) can ensure that standard procedures are defined and followed for everyday activities, and can help manage the soft resources (information, data, labour assignment) and hard resources (equipment, material) that are relevant to those activities.

BPM can also help automate routine, yet repetitive tasks or support the individuals whose expertise is required for non‐routine tasks.


Improving your processes by applying BPM will quickly result in reduced costs, and increased efficiency. It also helps to set up a clear chain of responsibility within your business. BPM can also streamline the process of getting a new employee up to speed by clearly defining what must be done.


BPM is ideal for both mission‐critical and routine tasks. The benefits of applying BPM to smaller, routine processes can multiply quickly throughout a business since it is typically easy to implement changes to smaller processes.


A good place to start is to recognize a process in your business that is already working but has a scope for greater improvement. If you are looking to substantiate the value of BPM, consider selecting a process that, if improved, could result in evident reduction in cost, time, or some other measurable result.