Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can be defined as the rendition of computing services – servers, databases, storage, networking, analytics, and the likes – over the Internet (the cloud).

Marak Technologies helps you to choose and manage the cloud. We support and manage the world's leading cloud platforms that promote the customer setting up the environment in a perfect blend of private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud, thereby sparing you of the pain and complexity of managing everything yourself.

Cloud Services

Most cloud computing services can be grouped into three broad categories – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (Saas). These three categories of cloud computing services are at times called the cloud computing stack as they build on top of one another. Understanding what they are and how they work and where they differ from one another makes it easier to achieve your business goals.

At Marak Technologies we help you enable a faster, simpler path to the cloud that delivers industry-leading Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) along with the versatility to adapt your cloud to the future. We have a number of businesses utilizing our cloud computing solution in order to tackle a wide range of application and infrastructure requirements such as CRM, database, compute and data storage. Employing our cloud computing services ensures that you would simplify application utilization, protect content, store, and share, enabling access from any device connected to the internet.

We provide a range of extensive cloud computing solutions helping businesses of all sizes and across varied industries, thus acknowledging the power of Cloud Computing. At Marak Technologies, we have a solution-based approach to ensure that we are assisting you in building a cloud strategy working for your business today and tomorrow keeping in mind the evolution that your business would go through. Our Cloud Computing services allow businesses to access data, applications and services over the Internet eradicating the need for high-priced hardware, such as hard drives and servers – lending users the ability to work from anywhere.

Reasons To Migrate To The Cloud

Traditionally, businesses have carried the onus of obtaining and preserving the hardware, software and networking systems it takes to run their software applications internally. Cloud computing, as an alternative, is a much more flexible and less resource intensive solution that lessens the burden on the organizations. Cloud computing allows businesses to outsource their computing needs, thereby allowing the companies to focus on their customers’ solutions.

Cloud computing services are increasingly being adopted by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) because of their lower set-up and maintenance costs, popularity with employees, nearly automatic setup and simple installation.

In fact, it was found in a study that about 48% of small and medium businesses are at present migrating towards cloud computing solutions – ranging from document sharing tools such as Google Docs to web-hosted email and CRM databases. If you are not familiar with cloud computing solutions, now is the time to do so. Marak Technologies can reduce your IT burden and help your business grow more secure, reliable, and productive with cloud computing solutions.

Benefits of Adopting Cloud Services

With our cloud computing solutions, you can save considerable capital costs with zero in-house server storage and application requirements. That is just is the tip of the iceberg. Some of the other benefits of adopting our Cloud Services are:


It is easier for a business to reduce the size of its own data centre or eliminate its data centre footprint. With the lesser number of servers and staff, you as a company gain on the reduced IT costs that you would have otherwise incurred.


Cloud applications strengthen collaboration, thereby enabling people to share information in real time. This enhanced collaboration allows you, as a business, to reduce time-to-market and improve product development and customer service.


The cost-effectiveness of adopting Cloud Services can be gauged by the fact that businesses are not required to purchase equipment and build out and operate a data centre. There is no need to explicit sums of money on hardware, facilities and other such utilities.


Your employees can access data and applications from anywhere in the world, thereby allowing them to take their work anywhere with their smartphones and tablets. This would, in fact, allow for longer productive hours.

What We Offer
  • Advisory and Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management
  • Cloud-Native SAAS Applications
  • Cloud Orchestration
  • DevOps (CI/CD)
  • Full Stack Cloud Development

Our Cloud Solutions Expertise


Marak Technologies’ cloud consulting practice emphasises on application readiness, identifying the cloud development strategy and roadmap, selecting cloud technology and platforms and a wide array of security aspects to develop optimized cloud solutions.


We build new business layer architecture to migrate your traditional application to connected application with an array of new features and competencies. Multi-tenant applications provide new possibilities for cloud solutions with the highest standards of ‘XaaS’ efficiency.


We help you to empower your existing cloud applications with new cloud architecture that is specifically designed for your business needs. It is further supported by industry-leading platforms, allowing for enhanced scalability. Marak Technologies has expertise across popular platforms such as Amazon, Google, Azure, Salesforce, and more.

DevOps (CI/CD)

Marak Technologies follows Continuous Integration by automating the building and testing of code. We ensure optimized production deployments for code changes employing the automated Continuous Deployment approach.

How We Add Value to Your Business

Full Stack Cloud Development Services

With comprehensive knowledge of the front-end development, back-end development and database management, Marak Technologies’ full stack developers deliver cloud-based software and embedded solutions. One of our specialization is offering an array of full-stack cloud development services that incorporates technologies from PHP and Python to MEAN Stack, Ruby on Rails, Angular JS, Node JS and many other parallel technologies.

Cloud Migration

At times, we, at Marak Technologies, originate invention, and there are times when we are a part of the developing ecosystem. Our experienced team of cloud certified experts design SaaS and PaaS solutions employing high performance, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure in conjunction with cloud-native mobile and web applications and API services. We understand business requirements and offer optimization of the existing solution with cloud migration, through:

  • Infrastructure and Application Audits
  • Cloud Platform Evaluations
  • Cloud Adoption Strategy
  • Cloud Migration Roadmaps
  • Proof-of-concept
  • Performance and Security checkst

Popular Cloud Computing Platform

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure services in Kolkata / Shillong

If you are looking for a leader in cloud computing solutions, both private and public, Microsoft Azure is the recognized leader that you should opt for. The platform is an open cloud that offers access to over 200 predefined services and the choice to use the technologies you want and have already invested in.

Azure provides a fully integrated set of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities. The platform also includes technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, DevOps, analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and security, which all complement and integrates with on-premises systems.

We, at Marak Technologies, are global leaders when it comes to delivering fully integrated Azure cloud solutions across varied industry verticals. We offer a huge range of Microsoft Azure cloud computing services for your business.

At Marak Technologies we design and deploy a wide range of cloud computing services as well as develop scalable mobile applications for your business using Microsoft Azure solutions like the following below

  • Azure Consulting Solution
  • Enterprise Integration Service
  • Azure Migration Solution

We have a team of Azure experts who will guide you through all areas of your transition, without you having to sacrifice your daily operations. We will develop a customized plan of action designed specifically to suit your precise business needs.

Amazon Web Service
Amazon Web services in Kolkata / Shillong

Amazon Web Service (AWS), the internal infrastructure that built to handle its online retail operations was launched in the year 2006. The platform is a complete, yet progressive cloud computing platform that was provided by Amazon, which is a combined platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) offerings.

Amazon was one of the first companies to introduce a pay-as-you-go cloud computing model in the form of that scales to provide users with computing, storage or throughput as needed.

AWS networking services offer a wide range of databases and networking options that are scalable, on-demand, and available with a few clicks of the mouse. In no time at all, you will be able to access, develop and adjust building blocks to support any workloads as you wish, without worrying about extra cost when you are working within a subscription period. That means you only get to pay for what you use.

Marak Technologies offers cloud consulting, architecture, migration, managed services, and implementation on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our team consists of some of the best cloud experts who assist and manage cloud infrastructure, by working on both application development and infrastructure management. We take advantage of AWS to develop customized solutions for your business.

Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform in Kolkata / Shillong

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP), offered by Google, is a set of cloud computing services. The platform runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products like YouTube and Google Search. GCP offers a suite of management tools along with a series of modular cloud services that include data analytics, computing, data storage, and machine learning.

GCD provides users with infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and serverless computing environments. The platform is considered to be the third biggest cloud provider in terms of revenue after Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, respectively.

Google Cloud Platform products span the following categories:

  • Artificial intelligence & machine learning
  • API management
  • Computing
  • Data analytics
  • Databases
  • Developer tools
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Management Tools
  • Media
  • Migration
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Storage

At Marak Technologies Pvt. ltd., we offer result-oriented Google Cloud platform services to match your business requirements. From creating custom cloud-based applications to ensuring a seamless migration to Google Cloud, we look after all your IT needs as an organization. Our skilled Google cloud developers ensure that customized Google Cloud solutions that are designed to meet the usage and process workflows of the business are implemented for you.

1Is the Cloud a secure place?

Yes, the cloud is a space, where all physical assets are stored in secured facilities. Your data is safe in the Cloud because it is encrypted and no one other than you can access these encryption keys.

2What is the cost of cloud services?

The cost of cloud services depends on the extent of use by companies or individuals. You can always call or email us to fix an appointment and discuss your requirements based on which we can create a customized and affordable estimate for you.

3What is the public cloud?

This is a service that can be accessed by anyone who has a network connection and a credit card. Public clouds are managed by a self-service portal with a multi-user virtualized infrastructure.

4What is Private Cloud?

The Private Cloud is a computing service over the internet or a private internal network that is available only to select users with access rights. A Private cloud computing service gives businesses many benefits like scalability, self-service, and elasticity along with the power to control and customize. Private clouds give businesses a very high level of security and privacy via company firewalls and internal hosting so that operations and sensitive data are safe from third-party providers.

5What applications can be run on the cloud?

Almost every application can be run on the cloud, however, not all applications need to be run on it because there is no importance for it away from the desktop, like disk defragmentation and system analysis.