Hardware And Networking

Supply and installation of Desktop systems, Servers, POS, Work Stations, etc

At Marak Technologies, we follow a systematic approach which involves, analysis, design, discovery, training, and implementation. All this an more helps us ensure that the quality of service that you receive for computer hardware especially involving the supply and installation of Desktop systems, Servers, POS, Work Stations, and more.

We have a reputed name in the field of Computer hardware and networking in both our branch locations- Shillong and Kolkata, with a reasonable price that will fit the size of your budget. All in all, you can say that our prices are competitive and the best in the industry.

Our company houses only the best and well-certified technicians, who understand and are always up-to-date with the ins and outs of any computer hardware maintenance work. Our technicians can support all your necessary hardware issues and troubleshoot your network, with optimum level performance.

Some of the services that we provide in computer hardware are as follows-

  • Repairs for your laptop and desktops
  • Upgrades and installation of hardware and software
  • Installation of wireless and wired networks
  • Removal of malware and other viruses and spyware detection

Our services in Networking involve the following-

  • LAN setup and maintenance
  • WAN setup and maintenance
  • Firewall setup
  • Internet sharing
  • Network security
  • Troubleshooting

LAN Setup and Maintenance

Marak Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is committed to providing LAN Setup And Maintenance Services to clients. We have a dedicated team of professionals technicians, who have are well-trained and equipped to handle any type of solutions that might be related to LAN setup, which are carried out as per the clients’ requirements.

In this field, we mainly focus our attention on rendering maximum satisfaction to our customers. We only offer the best and most reliable services when it comes down to LAN Setup And Maintenance in Shillong and Kolkata.

Our company and the team only believe in the use of advanced techniques and the latest equipment, which is why you can say that we only ensure a branded quality of Network Cables and Connectors, providing our clients with a secure and robust network for data communication. Name your requirement and we will provide you with a complete network that fits your requirements, at home or the workplace.

WAN Setup and Maintenance

Marak Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is offering its services in WAN Setup And Maintenance in Shillong and Kolkata because of the way technologies are emerging, the Internet is driving new business, and the growing opportunities in communication.

In such a case, your network infrastructure, Wide Area Network (WAN), is the foundation that enables these opportunities to develop for your business. We understand the importance of WAN and its flexibility in terms of having a near-infinite reach, geographically. Hence our experts take care that when we perform a WAN Setup And Maintenance for you it is of the highest quality.

Internet Sharing

If your goal is to improve customer experience and boosting the performance of your employees then our internet sharing services are a good and innovative way to start. Marak Technologies’ internet sharing services give your customers and employees an excellent online experience without any interruptions via a speedy on-net routing with a global, single ASN by utilising more than 240 Points of Presence.

You can be assured that with our internet sharing solutions, your business will receive an uptime of 100% as well as a 24X7 service availability from our expert support services. Fast, dependable and always up and running, our Internet sharing services allow reliable access to both enterprise and customer operations in major and emerging markets.

Firewall Setup

With new and complex data security threats impacting your valuable data every day, it becomes crucial to monitor, maintain, and modernise security policies across your business’ firewall on a constant basis. Simultaneously, organizations require to monitor their networks and firewalls at all times so that they can identify and contain malicious activities in the bud.

Your firewall is your businesses first line of defence against online predators as well as an important part of your network security system. At Marak Technologies, we realise this importance. A firewall setup can seem intimidating to newbies in the field, but our experts in hardware and networking, with their years of experience and skills, deal with every project craftily, breaking down the work into simpler tasks to make the work much more manageable.We offer you significant technical skills and 24X7 resource availability to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Trouble Shooting

A lot of things can go wrong while handling Computer Hardware and Networking for your business and most of the time you might not even have the answers for it. To decrease this burden off your shoulders it’s impertinent that you outsource this to someone who has expertise in the field.

Marak Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers reliable and efficient Software Troubleshooting Services that can ensure that software has been installed properly and it functions efficiently at all times. With the assistance of our troubleshooting experience, as a client, you can be assured that there will no problems with your software. We also take care to complete our services at quick turn-around time, to perfectly fit your requirement, especially during an emergency.

1Is the Cloud a secure place?

Yes, the cloud is a space, where all physical assets are stored in secured facilities. Your data is safe in the Cloud because it is encrypted and no one other than you can access these encryption keys

2What is the cost of cloud services?

The cost of cloud services depends on the extent of use by companies or individuals. You can always call or email us to fix an appointment and discuss your requirements based on which we can create a customized and affordable estimate for you.

3What is the public cloud?

This is a service that can be accessed by anyone who has a network connection and a credit card. Public clouds are managed by a self-service portal with a multi-user virtualized infrastructure.

4What is Private Cloud?

The Private Cloud is a computing service over the internet or a private internal network that is available only to select users with access rights. A Private cloud computing service gives businesses many benefits like scalability, self-service, and elasticity along with the power to control and customize. Private clouds give businesses a very high level of security and privacy via company firewalls and internal hosting so that operations and sensitive data are safe from third-party providers.

5What applications can be run on the cloud?

Almost every application can be run on the cloud, however, not all applications need to be run on it because there is no importance for it away from the desktop, like disk defragmentation and system analysis.