Research And Development


Any business’ global market position is significantly contingent on high-performance equipment, data and information management systems, and modelling and consultancy solutions. Accordingly, research, development and innovation take centrepiece to their operational strategy.

In simple words, if you want to develop a new product, you should look at the future needs or problems that your product would encounter. The idea for your product needs to concretize into a concept which can be plainly expressed to the market and address a targeted audience. A new product can define your company’s vision. Therefore, the product’s development should take into account the means of capturing a majority of the market share. The quality of the product should guarantee customer satisfaction and product durability. In order to achieve it, the most important function that should be partaken is Research and Development (R&D). The R&D function carries an important role and should be an integral part of any business strategic planning.

Like any other product, the technique followed in a Software Product Development Process ascertains the future success of the software. Three facets – innovation, quality and technology – are integral for any software product. These facets must be tackled within the limitations of a timeline, related cost and available expertise. Research and Development improve innovation and introduction. Research and Development not only enhance the quality of products and procedures, but it can also aid in further developing new products and solutions that were not thought to be possible earlier. While some businesses view Research and Development as a blatant waste of money, Marak Technologies view it as one of the best investments that a business can make to get a head start in grabbing future opportunities.

What Research and Development can bring to your Business?

Research and development can bring many advantages to your business and can be instrumental in creating new products or adding features to old products. Technological Research and Development are more complex than simple innovation. Research and Development are not limited to a single department and can improve marketing, operations, cost management and other parts of your business strategy.

Are Research and Development really that important for my business?

There are many reasons for companies to invest in their Research and Development department. The most common reasons are:

  • Research and Development to create new and innovative products and add new features to old products. Research and Development are not limited to technology and can connect various departments running on altogether different types of machinery.
  • Research and Development can target in overall cost cutting, effective marketing strategies formulation, increased market participation, new operational methods etc.
  • Overall Research and Development are important for a firm to gain knowledge to develop, design, enhance, and modify a company’s products, services, technologies, business plans, processes and sometimes vision. Research and Development allow companies to do market participation where they can attract new customers, win attention and also increase market share.
  • Research and Development allows a company to create innovative features that can immediately increase the market share by providing customers with something they never saw before or something which can change the way the work was done earlier.
  • Because of Research and Development, companies can create highly effective & more targeted marketing campaigns before releasing any new product or introducing a new feature. If marketing strategies can match with the Research and Development department, it can definitely increase customer engagement.
  • Research and Development can help a business to stay ahead of market trends and keep the business relevant. A company’s Research and Development team always keep future trend and requirement in mind and create visionary products, which can give you a competitive advantage.

What about Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)?

The size of your business can affect your Research and Development strategy. Small and Medium Enterprises are forced to focus more on product development and improvement within a limited scope of time and budget. Whereas, big corporates have dedicated resources without the fear of budget and can develop new products as well as enhance existing ones.

It doesn’t mean Research and Development are impossible for smaller organizations. Marak Technologies has a plethora of flexible services that are apt for SMEs. We offer you comprehensive research and development for any product or service that you intend to launch. It is our belief that the knowledge of the market is the key to any research related innovation. Our Research and Development team can help you obtain necessary market knowledge and customer understanding, which, in turn, can take your product to a new height.

How We Can Help

Marak Technologies has a strong team of highly qualified and experienced software engineers with proficiency in various technologies gained through exposure to several industry verticals. With our ability to think out of the box and our determination to deliver the best results, we come up with the most innovative and path-breaking solutions that meet the Research and Development requirements of our clients. Moreover, it is in our organisation’s DNA to keep the clients posted with regular, timely and accurate progress reports throughout the project life cycle in order to keep them abreast with the latest developments.

We have established a devoted Research and Development Centre that transgresses the traditional white-coat definition of Research and Development. Marak Technologies’ multi-skilled team of software wizards are truly passionate and enthusiastic about the possibilities of technological innovation. Marak Technologies’ Research and Development Centre allows us to conduct real-world, application-based Research and Development with trending and emerging technologies.

Working with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain and machine learning, we build solutions that enable established enterprises to compete with digital-born entrants to their markets. Exploring and driving infinite possibilities with technologies is in our DNA. The only thing we like more is working with new clients with the same enthusiasm for success.

Marak Technologies believes in building enduring relationships with clients and offers a flexible and diaphanous involvement model. We are always eager to begin building this relationship with a one-off transactional type of engagement, use that to build trust and confidence and gradually nurture the relationship to the level of a strategic alliance. We transfer full intellectual property rights to our clients on completion of the research initiative, so the end product becomes entirely theirs

It’s not just offshore Research and Development work that Marak Technologies can do for your business. We provide a team of IT professionals with the specific skills that you need, and our IT professionals will work as an extension of your business, replenishing for whatever skills sets and capabilities it is that you may have a shortage of. Marak Technologies provides you with a ready-built space, hardware, software, connectivity, and just the type of manpower you would require at much lower costs.

We develop a significant degree of our technology in close cooperation with clients through Research and Development centre testing and project delivery.

1What kind of testing do you do for software?

At Marak Technologies we follow all the steps that are required for the perfect launch of the software. The tests that we carry out are as follows -

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Alpha Testing
  • Beta Testing
  • System Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Performance Testing
2Do we need to give our source code for software testing?

Yes. We would require your source code for software testing purposes like white-box testing to reveal important test cases that wouldn't be obvious while looking only at the application from a user's perspective. The procedure will involve the signing of non-disclosure documents to preserve your privacy and security.

3What is the public cloud?

This is a service that can be accessed by anyone who has a network connection and a credit card. Public clouds are managed by a self-service portal with a multi-user virtualized infrastructure.

4What is Private Cloud?

The Private Cloud is a computing service over the internet or a private internal network that is available only to select users with access rights. A Private cloud computing service gives businesses many benefits like scalability, self-service, and elasticity along with the power to control and customize. Private clouds give businesses a very high level of security and privacy via company firewalls and internal hosting so that operations and sensitive data are safe from third-party providers.

5What applications can be run on the cloud?

Almost every application can be run on the cloud, however, not all applications need to be run on it because there is no importance for it away from the desktop, like disk defragmentation and system analysis.