Software Testing


It is essential for businesses to adjust to the ever-changing market and technological evolution, with regularly upgraded software applications. The success of a software application is not entirely dependent on its development, but also on its quality. Irrespective of how intuitively a software application is designed and functionalities made simple if there are technical snags, it hinders the usability of the software. Therefore, it is mandatory to conduct periodic software testing and quality assurance of the application to ensure flawless user experience, smooth operation, and meet the overall quality aspects of a system.

Marak Technologies is a software development company. We undertake QA Testing Services as an integral part of every project. We follow industry standard software testing methodologies to help businesses in meeting their quality goals. Our QA experts are experts and proficient in multiple software testing services and technologies, tools, platforms and standards. We have accepted industry standard software testing models and techniques that ensures that we deliver successful solutions with marginal risk.

What We Offer

QA outsourcing: We provide a full scope of testing services at every stage of the software development lifecycle while ensuring that all the pieces incorporated into your solution are performing as designed.

Independent testing services: As per the requirement of your project, we can run certain kind of testing – functional, performance, security or any other software testing procedure.

QA consulting: Inefficient quality management can be caused due to a varied of reasons – increased workload, inconsistent QA process or methodologies, or you are expanding your business. Marak Technologies help you detect and address the current problems through QA strategy development, QA process/project audit, QA aid and pre-certification.

Quality assessment: Marak Technologies offers comprehensive product audit using a variety of approaches, including code quality, solution functionality, usability, performance and security. As a result, you obtain a detailed report with the list of the detected problems and recommendations on how to fix them.

Our Software Testing Services

Functional testing: Marak Technologies’ testing team ensures that your product works as per your business logic and specific requirements. Performance testing: Our testing team exposes stress, load, scalability or reliability faults and ensures stable work of your product.

Usability testing: Our experts help you to understand the issues and barriers that can come up during the interaction with your software application. Marak Technologies’ testing team perform a usability audit and provides a detailed test report wherein the detected issues are categorized depending on the defect severity.

Compatibility testing: Consistent work in various computer environments is now a sine qua non for product success. Our expert testing team ensures that your product delivers positive user experience across multiple platforms, browsers and operating systems.

Security testing: With about a decade of experience in information security, our security testing team delivers thorough application penetration testing services, source code review to detect security issues that might have been overlooked in the initial development phase and compliance testing in case the software application needs compliance with major security standards.

Manual testing: We started to conduct manual testing about a decade ago. Applying comprehensive expertise and domain knowledge, our manual testing teams perform extensive functional testing, usability testing and more.

Automated testing: With nearly a decade of expertise in test automation, Marak Technologies employs best practices and state-of-the-art testing tools to automate testing processes and increase productivity.

Application Nature We Cater To

We offer testing tailored specifically to the peculiarities of a technology used in a product – mobile, web or desktop:

Web application testing: In web application development and testing for nearly a decade, Marak Technologies has helped to empower a lot of businesses, both small and large. We test any web application from a landing page to a multifunctional portal or a cloud solution for a variety of industries.

Mobile application testing: Marak Technologies’ mobile testing team tests your software application on dozens of mobile devices. We offer ample experience in testing iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications in various domains.

Desktop application testing: Marak Technologies has been developing and testing desktop applications for nearly a decade. We offer our extensive experience to test your desktop solution of any complexity.

Data warehouse testing: In Data Analysis/BI testing, Marak Technologies’ testing team improves your confidence in your business data. Employing the best industry practices, we prevent faulty business reports from hampering workflow and business decisions.

Our Approach

Software testing process with Marak Technologies includes:

  • Analysing project requirements. Our testing team studies your project requirements. In case the requirements are insufficient, our QA specialists will help you improve them.
  • Defining key points of the project. Closely cooperating with the rest of the project team, testing engineers define sets of conditions that allow the team to start, postpone, resume or stop the testing process.
  • Test analysis and design. The testing team transforms checklists (test ideas) into test cases and test suites.
  • Test implementation. The testing team runs test cases and timely provide the developers with information on bugs and defects.
1How many types of Software Testing are there?

There are many types of software testing available. Below is a list of a few of them.

  • White-box testing
  • Performance testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Alpha Testing
  • Beta Testing; and
  • Functional Testing to name a few.
2What is the main purpose of software testing?

The main purpose of Software testing is to evaluate operating results, under controlled conditions. The controlled conditions would include both normal and abnormal conditions. It is a kind of technical investigation that is carried out by software testing companies in lieu of the parties concerned so as to reveal quality-related information about the product according to its intended operation.

3How much will Software Testing cost?

Software Testing services at Marak Technologies are customized according to the customers’ needs, which defines the pricing of our work. You can always call us or email us to discuss your requirements based on which we will create an estimate for you.

4Is testing necessary for every software program?

Yes. It is absolutely recommended to test every software program for quality assurance since this attribute is the most important for the success of any software product.

5What is the reason for bugs in software?

As it is popularly said, “To err is human”, hence it is only natural that developers could make some error when creating software. Software bugs are a result of human mistakes in design and coding among the many other reasons. One needs to understand what the actual cost is before providing a solution to this issue.