Website Development

Marak Technologies is a premier company for website development in Shillong . We are in the business creating impressive web projects, on the foundation of modern and credible technologies. We focus on process-driven development; hence, our aim is to provide impactful services for website development in Shillong at a quick turnaround time so that our clients do not have to look any further. With Marak Technologies, everything that you need to make a successful website is right at your disposal and worth all your time and money.

In a nutshell, we offer our clients services for website development in Shillong that help them overcome any challenges that may arise as a result of the changing algorithms and technology. It is via our website development services that we aim-

  • To reduce the complexities of IT, thus facilitating a seamless workflow for synchronized business operations.
  • To obtain an understanding of a client’s requirements via in-depth analysis and research.
  • To incorporate business-enhancing features with cross-platform compatibility that is unique to a business’ needs.
  • To utilize web applications that can keep you on the favorable side of the IT requirements by reducing delays and expediting efficiency.

What is Website Development and Application?

The process of building and maintaining websites is called Website Development. If there are websites online which are eye-candy for you, work fast, and perform efficiently it’s because of all the hard work that has been put in, behind the scenes by a website developer.

Our Web Development Services

As a leading company for website development in Shillong, Marak Technologies prides itself in delivering ace, a fully customized web application for our clients. We offer:

  • Intelligent and open application structure resulting in highly productive solutions and outcomes.
  • Perfectly expandable and sparingly workable web applications
  • Powerful and flexible web architectures that enable improved usability and minimizes costs
  • Fail-safe secure applications
  • User-friendly and manageable interfaces
  • Refinements for improved conversions
  • class="big" Easy maintenance of applications to reduce costs
  • Completely transparent development processes supported by consistent communications and knowledge
  • Quality analysis during all the phases of the web application development process.
  • Smooth operationalization with complete support and maintenance

We offer an entire bouquet of website development in Shillong – ranging from report generation and e-learning to data mining and much more.

Web Development Methodology

Our approach towards web development in Shillong is based on the basic principle of providing our customers with the best possible outcomes along with the maximum quality and efficiency. We aim to establish a long-term relationship with clients via our services that cover all the aspect of the website development in Shillong.

Below is a step-by-step web development methodology that we at Marak Technologies follows as part of their procedure for any project.

Preparing a Roadmap:

The first stage that we adopt for website development in Shillong is discussing the project in-depth so that we can define our clients’ goals and vision to be achieved from the undertaking. Following this, a report is sent to our analysts, who then develop an estimate and time frame needed for the completion of the project.

Consultation and Selection of Technology:

Based on the first step we decide upon the technology that would be best for achieving the project goals. Our team of developers are always on the lookout of new and proven tools and frameworks to enhance the development process so that our clients can leverage most of the features that come with the latest technology.

Visual Guide, User Interface and Wireframe Design:

We believe that to create a successful website application it is important to incorporate interactable web user interface while also providing access to smooth functionality and ease of use. Hence, the third part of our procedure for successful website development in Shillong involves the creation of a visual guide, a wireframe, or a simple sketch to outline the UI and UX of the application by our experts.

Web Application Development:

After the designs are approved by our clients, the developers take over and start with the process of website development in Shillong. Our development process include the following steps-

  • Creation of Application Architecture and Framework
  • Design the Database Structure
  • Development and Customization of Modules, Classes and Libraries
  • Completion of Development

Testing for Quality Assurance:

After completion of the website development, prior to the launch of the website, we continue test the website to ensure quality in the production of the safest, most reliable, scalable, and sound web application. It is via this stage that any bugs are fixed.


Soon after the completion of the development phase, our development team conducts the next step which involves the deployment of the application prior to which a test is carried out final pre-launch capability.

Maintenance, Support and Improvement:

Marak Technologies provides uninterrupted maintenance support post product launch. Also, we do implements in the application for enhancement while maintaining zero interruption in running application.

Web Development Technologies

Website Development in Shillong has become extremely popular in recent years owing to the internet boom as well as the availability of diverse internet technologies and devices. Some of the popular web development technologies that we put into use at Marak Technologies are as follows.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets):

CSS provides users with the best utility with the markup languages like HTML, XHTML, SVG, XUL, and the like. Every webpage has two components, namely, content and presentation of content, which CSS creates a separation for. By doing so, custom layouts of a webpage can be displayed as preferred by a developer, without having to make changes to the content. With CSS, different users can experience the same website or web application in different fashions.


JavaScript is a high-level programming language and is the most commonly used web application development language. JavaScript supports both functional and object-oriented programming, hence it can be used in software like desktop widgets and PDF documents, as well as with web applications.


Alike JavaScript, Python is also an interpreted language, with website and web application development as one of its purposes. Python was developed with the main goal to complete a task in the least possible lines of code. Google, YouTube, Quora, Dropbox, Spotify, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of the most common website and web applications that are developed by using Python.

PHP (Personal Home Page):

PHP was originally developed for tracking the number of hits for a given web page. It is an open-source scripting language that is used within a server. In order to extract the complete potential of PHP, it should be embedded into a mark-up language just like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. On the other hand, PHP can also be used for template creation, website content management, and several other web frameworks. Just like other scripting languages, PHP is also an interpreted language.


This is an open-source JavaScript framework developed by Google which is popularly used for single-page application that follows Model View Controller (MVC) architecture.


Another open-source PHP web framework Laravel is popularly used for writing the web application using the MVC architecture.


is an open-source JavaScript library maintained by Facebook is popularly used for the writing User Interface (UI) for web application of larger application.


is a lightweight JavaScript framework or environment used for building efficient real-time application handling huge data offering high performance and high scalability.

Ruby on Rails (RoR):

is an open-source Ruby framework that runs on Linux that is popularly used for faster and joyful development experience.


is an open-source framework from Microsoft used for building a rich web application and web portals on Windows environment.

Django :

is an open-source Python framework encouraging clean and rapid development that follows Model View Template (MVT) architecture.

Life-Cycle of Website Development Process

Before your web page comes into existence on the internet, before it starts attracting huge traffic, before it starts generating revenue, the web application goes through various stages that people are generally not aware of.

We have identified six phases of website development life-cycle.

Phase 1: Analysis & Planning

Target Audience

We first take the time to understand your requirements to be able to translate them into a modern concrete design. We perform a thorough research during the planning phase and then finalize a website design that appeals to and makes a connection with your target audience.


A Sitemap constitutes of a list of all the pages in a website. A clean and well-designed sitemap is a necessity for a website to be Search Engine Optimized (SEO). Obtaining a well-designed website starts with a well-thought sitemap.

Web Structure

Creating a web structure is equivalent to creating a blueprint for making a home. It is the basic structure, that portray the final look of a website towards finalization. We put all our understanding of your organisation into our web structuring phase and design the best working model for your website.

Phase 2: Design

Wireframe Model

The wireframe model decides the final design of your website and is based on your feedback of the web structure and sitemaps submitted to you.

Visual Style

Combining the right colours with the right fonts creates great website content for your customers. A good visual style can take your website a long way and determines the success of a website. We choose colour, fonts, and images that are not only easy and pleasing to the eyes, but also helps in creating a lasting impression on your audiences.

Usability, UI, UX

A complex looking website, with low ease of use is a big turn off for every user. We understand that. Hence, we integrate clean and navigable User Interface, great User experience, and ease of use so that the website user can easily glide through the web pages smoothly.

Phase 3: Content

Website Content

Content is King! Hence, we pay special attention to the content that goes into your website. We ensure that your website content is great for SEO, encourages engagement and adds value to your product/service.

Phase 4: Development

We incorporate a variety of development tools and languages such as – HTML, CSS, & PHP, Bootstrap, and many more. These goes on to ensure that we develop a responsive, dynamic and feature filled web pages.

Phase 5: Cold Run

Technical Testing

We carry out a ton of technical testing on your website – loading time, SEO compatibility, Payment Gateway, Subscriptions, and more.

Browser Compatibility

A good website is one that can be accessed from any web browser and from any device. Therefore, Browser Compatibility is one of the major tests that we focus on.

Phase 6: Deployment & Maintenance


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” or “editorial” search results on search engines. Keyword Analysis and Mapping, Keyword Optimisation, Optimisation of META tags, Image and Video Optimisation, and Checking Broken Links are some of the key features of our SEO process.


We conduct a detailed monitoring of your website once it is deployed. We keep a track of your website using various tools like Google Analytics, Google and Bing Webmaster tools, to see how your website is performing. We also provide you with detailed reports of the analysis made to keep you informed as to who all visit your site, and what activities are performed by those visitors.


Deploying your website is not the end of the road, and we understand that. Therefore, we help you in carrying out any necessary updates that you want in your website. Be it a simple notice or a complex technical update, our team helps you cross over the hurdle with ease.

Bug Fixes

Bugs are glitches usually created during coding. In simple words they are viruses that affect the website. Bugs can create obstacles when running applications and even website functions. Hence, we run a diagnostic test to detect them and then fix the programming so that the website can run smoothly.

Full-Stack Development

At this time and age, when technology is flourishing at electricity speed, businesses are on the lookout for means that are proficient with all essential skills that are needed to bring their ideas and ambitions into existence.

Specialized Full Stack development is the latest mantra in the present day and Marak Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers the services, including frontend, backend, and database management, which are all required for a complete development setup.

As a Full Stack development company, we ensure that our developers are all set to assist you with needed expertise in all areas, identifying roles, and responsibilities with corresponding challenges attached along with.

We consist of a skilled pool of comprehensively skilled resources, who will ensure to put to use their entire range of skillset. Hiring Full Stack developers from Marak Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will ensure a profitable and effective output. We are experts in all areas of Full Stack Development, with equal focus on quality, user experience, customer satisfaction, and timeliness.

Our Full Stack Development solutions reflect exhaustive knowledge of technologies and complete focus towards attaining organizational goals. Our skilled developers and designers have the proficiency to build mobile applications & websites , along with expertise in maintaining team association, assessing and mitigating risks and ensuring complete testing of applications. Multitasking by our resources offers a great deal of savings in terms of cost and time to our clients, since our developers possess in-depth knowledge about multiple roles and technologies.

Mean Stack Development

Mean Stack development in Kolkata / Shillong

The collection of free and open source JavaScript framework that is utilized for the creation of dynamic web applications is known as MEAN Stack Development. In MEAN Stack Development all component support codes are written in JavaScript. The application can easily be written in one language from the client and server ends to database execution environments. In fact, MEAN Stack development has carved a niche for itself as modern-day technology.

At Marak Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we offer MEAN stack development services that can assist you in building superior performing, dynamic websites and web applications. Our team of experienced and professional developers are proficient at optimizing the power of MEAN and then use it create immersive gaming portals, highly engaging social media portals, interactive video streaming platforms, swift APIs, and robust eCommerce websites to name a few.

As a company that offers MEAN Stack development company, we develop innovative and excellent web applications. Our experts have garnered expertise in Full Stack JavaScript, along with the four important elements of this technology, which are MongoDB (M), Angular JS (A), Express JS (E), and Node.JS (N).

We offer comprehensive and sensible solutions that are appropriately matched with our clients’ needs. All-in-all our solutions benefit on the utilization of full stack development, adding value to the permanence of the web applications. This in turn assists in increasing business ROI at effective costs.

Our MEAN Stack development services assist organization builds extensive applications that support a variety of components like user connectivity, building mobile applications and real-time collaboration between end users.

Web Development DevOps Technologies

Webdevelopment DevOps Technologies steps in when businesses present the need to become more manageable and flexible such as to be able to meet the digital disruption of the present time. DevOps is the current approach to software engineering that is aimed at helping organizations to break down any existent separation that might lie between development and operation teams. All-in-all, Web development DevOps technologies assist in achieving achieve pure cooperation, improved software quality, and smooth delivery. No doubt, the web development DevOps technologies’ experience is growing at a massive rate, with many organizations adopting it.

Hence, it’s time for thought leaders and brands to rationalize their software development process with the web development DevOps technology to achieve building and delivering software in a shorter span of time. Being a model for quality-based working patterns, adopted by the IT industry, web development DevOps technology aims to simplify work processes in the midst of IT operations and software development. It’s true that both processes do not work together, however, they are still almost connected.

Businesses must understand that the Web development DevOps technology is not just a tool, but a complete arsenal of resources that comprises of endless combinations, continuous inspection, configuration management, perpetual operationalization, incorporation, and virtualization. All of these work towards keeping communications in real-time without having to compromise on quality or having to rush through things.

At Marak Technologies Pvt. Ltd, our developers start right from the beginning,

which is understanding type of technology that you are using in the present time, to setting up automation to manage your delivery pipeline. All this and more is done along with 24x7 monitoring and support system at your service. We take full advantage of all the resources of the web development DevOps tools, cloud infrastructure and end-to-end processes to create value across the entire product lifecycle.

Benefits of DevOps:
  • Less complexity to deal with
  • Quicker resolutions to occurring issues
  • A more professional outlook
  • Enhanced productivity of the team
  • Elevated engagement of employees
  • Stability of the project
  • Increase in innovations
  • Healthy and clear communications

PHP Website Development

PHP Website Development in Kolkata / Shillong

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting language that is used to develop dynamic webpages which can interact with databases. PHP is one of the most extensively used open-source languages for web application development. It can also be embedded within HTML. The dynamic programming language comes with a plethora of benefits. It is totally scalable and allows a fully dynamic environment to develop multifunctional websites. Being open-source scripting language, it provides extensive front-end and back-end development

Benefits of Customized PHP Development Services

  • Open Source
  • Flexible, open-source, server-side scripting language

  • Dynamic websites
  • Extensively used to build dynamic and user-friendly web applications

  • Powerful Frameworks
  • Effective frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony, Zend, CodeIgniter, and Yii

  • Compatible with Majority of OS
  • Compatible with MAC, Windows, and Linux Operating system

  • Customized solution
  • With PHP, you can build customized solution that caters your business needs

  • Suitable for any type of web development
  • Whether it is a CRM, CMS, E-commerce, Social Networking, or websites and portals, PHP is the ideal solution for all your needs.

Having years of experience in delivering top-notch web solutions, Marak Technologies is a leading PHP development company. Tackling your fundamental needs and utilizing a comprehensive knowledge base, we leverage the high-end approach to develop engaging websites. Creating pleasant UI, UX, and standard coding structure, we are here to employ our extensive skill set and technology expertise to create precisely what you need.

SEO in Website Development

SEO in Website Development in Kolkata / Shillong

Believe it or not, most businesses do not think about incorporating SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into their website development project, until the designing has been completed. However, since a businesswebsite forms the core of their marketing strategy, it is impertinent to think SEO even before a project begins.

SEO, as we all know, is the method of enhancing a website, offering it better chances to rank better on search engines. Yet, many people still do not understand, when it comes to SEO, that the goal is not just to create a perfect site, but also to build one that matches its competition shoulder-to-shoulder.

Stressing on the importance of SEO in website development, there are many ways other than content to incorporate it. To ensure that you are using these tactics correctly when working on your website development, here are some tips to follow.

Tips to correctly incorporate SEO into Website Development

Integrate SEO into images:

It’s not enough to only optimize your text for SEO. You also need to do the same for your images as well. Hence, always ensure that all of your image alt attributes are descriptive and 100% W3C-compliant.

Most of the times, many only comply with this requirement by adding just any text, which is inaccurate and ineffective. The way that image alt attributes work is by when search engines read them and take them into consideration to determine the relevancy of the page as compared to the keywords searched by a user on search engines.

Image alt attributes are also used to rank image-based search engines like Google Images and to help users, who are unable to see images, to identify it.

Incorporate social media into the website design:

You might not know it but search engines value social media just as much as your customers do. By incorporating social media elements into your website development design you can help it to rank better on search engines. So, when designing your website, keep in mind to include your social media icons for all of your social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. By doing so, not only will you rank your site more highly among search engines, but you will also pass on a message to your potential customers that your company is amiable.

Ensure the website design is convenient for users:

Your conversion rates and ranking on search engines will be affected if you do not make your website completely accessible to users. That is why you must ensure that your website is viewable on all web browsers, otherwise, all your visitors will exit your site. This will result in abandoned carts or services, giving more leeway to your competition instead.

Additionally, if your website loads slowly or is difficult to navigate, it will rank lower with search engines. Hence, ensure that your website looks right and loads properly on all web browsers and devices.

Make your site navigation search engine friendly:

Most businesses emphasize less on a website’s user experience (UX). This happens mostly because they tend to overlook the connection between navigation and search optimization. Hence, the potential benefits that can be reaped are mostly missed out on.

Making navigation easy for your users is not a complicated process and can be done by just following three basic rules. To achieve both user experience and SEO here is what you can do.

  • Keep the websites navigation clear.
  • Keep the website’s navigation consistent.<
  • Keep the navigation simple.

Use content that is readable by search engine spiders:

If you ever have ever wondered how search engines carry out three primary functions to rank your website on search engines. These are:

  • Crawl-
  • involves searching the Internet for content looking over the code/content for each URL found online.

  • Index-
  • involves the storage and organization of content that is found during the crawling process, after which it’s in the running to be displayed as a result of relevant queries.

  • Rank-
  • this involves providing the pieces of content to users who look for queries on search engines, in an order of most relevant to least relevant.

Hence, when businesses are looking forward to designing a website, good structure for content should be taken into account. Websites that have scanty content usually struggle coming up in the search results. In most cases, this can be avoided if the design stages are properly planned.

Use header tags properly:

Use header tags wisely within your web page content since they can offer search engines with information on the structure of the HTML document. Header tags are HTML elements that are used to assign headings on your webpage. The main header tag, called an H1, is typically reserved for the title of the page.

Although what you choose to put in your header tags can be used by search engines to evaluate and rank your page, it’s important to avoid inflating their importance. Header tags are one among many on-page SEO factors and typically would not move the needle like quality backlinks and content would so focus on your site visitors when crafting your headings.

Website Development Cost Breakdown

Website Development Cost Breakdown in Shillong / Kolkata

If you look closely and compare, you will notice that the costs for Website development vary from company to company. In such a case, it can be difficult to feel confident and trust anyone with your money and website. This becomes more confusing if you are a layman about the web development process.

Hence, to stay informed and understand where you are investing your business money, here is a cost breakdown of all the factors that might affect the development of your website. Let's have a look at what they are..

Domain registration

The domain is the address or URL via which users can access your website. For example, is a domain name. Every domain name has to be unique and needs to be verified for availability before you can own it.

There are many factors that determine the cost of a domain. For instance, a domain name ending with .com will cost more than the ones ending in .org, .net, .io and so on. Also, if you happen to choose and stick to a domain name that already exists and it ends with a .com then you might have to bid for it.


Web hosting prices vary from one plan to another based on factors such as the type of hosting, the number of resources you’re getting, and the number of supported sites. While shared hosting is usually the cheapest type of hosting, dedicated plans are more expensive. Other than that, if you are hosting more than one site on the same plan it will cost extra. Additional hosting costs include-

  • Amounts of bandwidth and storage space
  • Managed or unmanaged plans
  • Choosing extra features like SSL certificates and/or CDN to name some.


When we say design, in terms of website development, it refers to the interface visible to the user. Design is one of the most important parts of website development, as it distinguishes you from your competition online.

Website development design costs are dependant on the following factors

  • Every page of your website requires a different look like in the case of eCommerce.
  • The responsiveness of the website
  • Type of website design chosen like for instance, Parallax or Flat.
  • The UX and UI for the website.


A website without content is incomplete. So, unless a business decides to write its own content, they will have to bear the expenses for the same. Furthermore, content determines a business success as it optimizes the website and helps in making conversions.


If you have hired a good web developer for developing your website then they will consider on working on the SEO of your website, by default, optimizing the webpage that allows its good positioning on search engines.

Onsite optimization involves building and writing the website in such a way that the search engines, and humans, both find it appealing. Onsite optimization can make a huge difference in the success of a website. There are many websites on the internet that have been built without any understanding of SEO and are therefore not doing the job that it’s meant to do.

On the other hand, offsite optimization involves-

  • the submission of a website to search engines and directories
  • engaging in social media,
  • providing your site with rich content to name a few.

Prices for SEO services vary widely and are even greater than for design. So, if you are shopping around for SEO services, The advice is to do enough research on the subject so that you can tell what’s being offered to you and make a confident decision.

Size of Project

The varying costs of developing your website will also depend on the size of your project. How big is your website development project? Is it a simple initial web and face-to-face? Is it a small business website, an eCommerce website, or a Medium Business Web Page. In every case, the number of webpages, as well as customization and features, will differ.


When you decide to put the development of your web project into action, you have toconsider it as an investment in the medium / long term, since, getting things right with the agency that will be in charge of the development of your project will show a profit from the very short term onwards.

Choosing a suitable web developer, therefore, becomes especially important as you are not only choosing the team that will build your web application, you are choosing the team that will be in charge of getting the most out of your business and which will work to bring it to success.

Website Security

Website Secruity | Website Development in Kolkata / Shillong

Website security is an important element to protect and secure websites plus servers. Websites are examined for any possible vulnerabilities and malware through website security software. A website security software informs the user if the website has any problem and gives answers to approach them. Strong security against the worst threats. As most of the site owners aren't informed concerning all those many threats, but cybersecurity will help and protect your site against each one of them, cybercriminals or prevent exploitation of websites which will help you from certain threats at your website.

Why website Security


It stands for A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a malicious effort to interrupt the usual traffic of a regular server, service or network by destroying the target Those attacks can decrease or crash your website completely, which are frequently affected by a Trojan, are practiced to target a particular system causing a (DoS) crime.

Vulnerability exploits:

A website vulnerability is harmful in a website that provides an intruder to get any level of power of that site, and probably the hosting server. Most utmost vulnerabilities are exploited within computerized means before-mentioned as vulnerability botnets and scanners. Cybercriminals build specific devices that hunt the internet for genuine stages, Once discovered, those vulnerabilities continue to exploited to take all data, spread malicious content into the vulnerable website.

There are Five types of vulnerability

SQL Injection Vulnerabilities (SQLi):

SQL injection vulnerabilities relate to spaces in website grammar wherever straight user information is transferred into a database. Dangerous performers use those forms to inject the malicious language into a website’s database.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS):

Happens during criminals inject writings within unsanitized user information or different departments on a website to effect language toward the site. Cross-site scripting is practiced to target website guests, rather than some website or server. This frequently indicates criminals do inject JavaScript toward the website so that each script is performed within the visitor’s browser.

Command Injection:

vulnerabilities permit intruders to remotely reach and perform language toward the website’s treating server. That is prepared while user information that is transferred into the server, so as a piece of message, is not correctly verified, providing attackers to inject shell instructions with the user data.

File Inclusion (/RFI):

Remote file inclusion (RFI) charges to use the include roles in server-side web application styles similar to PHP to produce language from a remotely saved file. Attackers treat malicious records and then use the authority of improperly sanitized user information to change an include purpose into the Victimsite’s.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF):

Mean few general, however, can be completely jeopardous. CSRF assaults deal site users or managers to unknowingly execute malicious things for the attacker.

Security Considerations in Website Development

Security Considerations in Website Development

Hacking is the most lethal act which is performed regularly by computerized scripts written to seek the internet to attempt to utilize known website defense issues in software. Here are some of the tips which can help you and keep your site safe online

Software update

Software Update Service in Kolkata / Shillong

the most vital role in dealing with the security and development is keeping your software updated, which is very obvious, but assuring that keep all software updated is important in maintaining your site secure. This implies both to the server operating system and the software that would run on your websites such as, content management system . When some website security gaps are found in software, it makes vulnerable for hackers to easily get access to any content .


SQL Injection in  Kolkata /  Shillong

SQL injection is a web application technique which makes vulnerable for attackers to access code and corrupt the database. if the attacker is successful then it will allow them to make changes in the database where they can create, modernize, change, or delete data stored in the back-end database. this can be prevented by using guideline queries, most of the web languages have this feature and it is easy to achieve.

Cross-site scripting (XSS)

Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Kolkata /  Shillong

targets users by implanting code, normally script such as JavaScript, in a web application's output. The main feature of cross-site scripting is to manage client-side texts of a web application to administer in the way preferred by the attacker. which is a critical concern in advanced web applications, where pages are created essentially from user content, which in several circumstances create HTML , then also performed by front-end structures like Angular and Ember. Mozilla has a powerful guide with some sample configurations. Which makes it more difficult for an attacker's texts to work, even if they can bring it into your page.

File upload

File Upload in Kolkata /  Shillong

Uploading of files indicates a high risk to applications. Suppose a file with HTML content is uploaded, the malicious text can be inserted with this file and administered when the file is viewed. if a file carrying wicked script is uploaded to an application, the risk is considered to be high which leads to the consequence from entire system takeover to client-side attacks


Passwords in Kolkata /  Shillong

whether you like it not but a strong password is extremely important for your server and website admin area, as often recommended that a good password protects users from the threats that lie open to the attackers . using one-way hashing can prevent passwords from hacking as it is stored as encrypted value. Using hashed passwords can prevent damage prevention, as decrypting is probably not possible in case hackers try to steal your password

Web Design vs Web Development

Web Development Web design in Kolkata /  Shillong

Let us understand the difference between a web designer and developer specifically They both improve buildwebsites, though they’re connected in somewhat various fields. Developers create the site’s core formation utilizing complicated coding languages, while designers are further visually imaginative, concentrating on the user.

Web Designer

Developers use their master programming and coding experience to exhale life into the designer’s artistic imagination.Remember of developers as development operators, and web designers as designers – they’re both important functions for developing a website, although they have various ability positions.

Visual Complexity

A web designer operates on the presentation, design, and in some circumstances, the content of a website. Look, for occurrence, compares to the richness, font, and pictures applied. The design applies to how knowledge is structured and described. Good web design is simple to work, aesthetically delightful, and fills the user collection and the name of the website. Several web pages are created with a center on simplicity so that no external knowledge and functionality that force misleads or upset users issues. As the support of a web designer’s product is a place that gains and promotes the security of the target clients/customers, eliminating as several possible points of user difficulty as likely is a crucial factor.

User Experience (UX) designer

A UX web designer’s work is to grip your guests secured. They understand precisely how to craft a website that your particular viewers will experience because they’ve taken out a careful investigation into the users’ demographics and website requirements, not to consider tons of model experiments and site restructuring.

let us wonder, if people appreciate utilizing your website, they’re more suitable to return or recommend and it will encourage you to improve your online community

User Interface (UI) designer

A UI web designer helps to improve the way users communicate with details, or the interface, on your website. This is achieved by rendering multiple brand views and preferences into a website that’s pleasant and simple to operate.

while UI concentrates on the aesthetics (the look and feel) of the original website

Visual designer

A visual designer is a hybrid of both UX and UI. It’s their responsibility to not simply increase the user navigation utilizing their artistic and coding abilities but to resolve configuration problems. They also serve to imagine a brand’s style or tone.

In mobile app testing costs are charged on the basis of the proper usage of the application, its reliable accessories with the allocation of skilled labors, whereas the price of electronic testing is a bit lower than standard testing, but to get an app which has the highest standard one has to invest in the tools which are advanced .


Our prices depend on many factors. To get a better idea of the cost of what you need, contact us. We will ask a few questions about your project, your requirements, your content development, whether you would like to sell online. Thereafter, we should be able to give you a baseline number.


Once we have all the content, it would take us about 8-12 weeks to design and build a typical website of 8-10 pages. The most time-consuming phase of any web development project is collecting and writing the content.


There are nine steps in our development process
1. Discovery – We start by discussing the subjects and functionality you visualize for your site and develop an outline for you.
2. Content – We compile all the content for the website, including all text and images.
3. Preliminary Design – We create a home page concept including colours, fonts, image style and layout.
4. Organization – When all content is approved in its final version, we review it to determine the best way to organize the information. The structure of the site is based on this organizational scheme and must be approved by you.
5. Design Revision – After reviewing the initial design, you can request changes.
6. Implementation – Once we receive your approval on the design, we move on to implementation. This is where the approved design becomes concrete and where we add site-specific features.
7. Page Content – When all the content that will be included on the site is available and a design is approved, we will enter all the data.
8. Testing – We run through a final set of tests to be sure that everything is functional. You have an opportunity currently to test the site as well.
9. Launch – Once we have your final approval, we launch the site. The marks the end of the project.


Generally, we require a 50% deposit. The balance is due at launch, or one calendar month after testing begins, whichever comes first.


Yes. Every site we have built has been mobile-friendly . We develop a website by using responsive design, which ensures that the website works well on a wide variety of devices, from smartphones, tablets to small and large desktop monitors.


Yes. We always remain available to make changes for you, if you don’t have time or you need more complex changes.


Yes. We have secure servers (SSL) that use the latest encryption methods to ensure that your customers can buy from your website knowing that the information they enter is secure and safe. If you want your customers' payments to be "cleared online," we can interface to a number of payment gateways such as PayPal, or other third parties.


We can redesign existing sites and retain your organization's style or give you a completely new look. Marak Technologies also can provide a free website evaluation. We will show you how your site can take advantage of the latest Web technologies.


Yes. We always design websites to be search-engine/SEO friendly.